Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Talented Artist Illustrates ANGELIQUE'S DESCENT

Janet Meehan has created a 45 page illustrated album of "Angelique's Descent" telling the story in beautiful original pastel drawings.
Janet has her own style, rich in details, employing vibrant colors, revealing depth of character and uncovering layers within the plot few have seen.

Janet will be selling her graphic novels, or individual paintings, at the 
50th Anniversary of Dark Shadows Halloween Celebration
Saturday, October 29, at the Woman's Club of Beverly Hills
1749 N La Brea Ave., Beverly Hills, CA
12 noon until 12 midnight.

Dark Shadows Tricks and Treats for Halloween


Sunday, 16 October 2016


Saturday, Oct 29th,
Woman's Club of Hollywood
1749 N. La Brea Ave.
Hollywood, CA
Dark Shadows 50th Anniversary Celebration
12 noon- 12 midnight
(Those attending book reading and signing only do not pay entrance fee after 6:00.)

Saturday, November 12,
2 pm
Dark Delicacies Bookstore
3512 W. Magnolia 
Burbank, CA

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Well Met in Martinique -- Angelique and Josette

Here's the play Kathryn and I wrote and performed on the island of Martinique during the Dark Shadows Cruise to the Caribbean last January.

The beautiful location is the ruins of the theater in the town of Saint Pierre. Enjoy!


Trivia :

I am wearing a dress designed for me by Broadway costumer Michael Hannah based on one of my original Angelique costumes. Kathryn is wearing her grandmother's wedding dress. The film was edited by Ansel Faraj.

The walls and stage of the theater are still intact, but most of the town was destroyed by the Pele volcano that killed everyone in the town of Saint Pierre in 1902. Supposedly Angelique was born in Martinique. The theater is featured in my novel ANGELIQUE'S DESCENT.

Friday, 30 September 2016


Hello friends!

I'm thrilled to announce that my newest, and fourth Dark Shadows novel will be released on Amazon November 8!

Here's the text on the back cover:

“My name is Victoria Winters, and my journey continues . . . .”
An orphan with no knowledge of her origins, Victoria first came to the great house of Collinwood, with its many buried secrets and haunted history, as a governess, only find herself lost in time and cast adrift between life and death. 
Now at last she has returned to the present to find Collinwood deserted, the entire Collins family inexplicably vanished without a trace—except for Barnabas Collins, whose own dark curse is well known to Victoria. 
Beset by danger and dire warnings, Victoria must discover what dread fate has befallen Collinwood, even as she finally uncovers a shocking truth long hidden in the shadows . . . .

Missing Humbert

It was with a heavy heart that I received the news of Humbert’s death. He was a fascinating man with a wicked gleam in his eye, vibrant panache, an infectious sense of humor, and his performances with his Errol Flynn good looks, so perfectly reflected and contributed to the mood and magnetism that was Dark Shadows. He was a dear friend and acting partner on the show, wonderful to work with, to joke with, to battle with, and so many people have told me that our scenes were the best ones I did. As the witch and the warlock, we had some mighty clashes. I have been in touch with him over the years, exchanging Christmas cards and emails, but I had no idea that he was in poor health. I still hoped that he would forgo his hermit ways and show up at our 50 year reunion this summer, or that I might talk him into making a Big Finish recording so that we could hear again his  mellifluous voice. All of us in the cast mourn him, and will miss him terribly.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Dark Shadows Christmas!

Among those of you who follow Dark Shadows, and those of you who have bought the coffin filled with DVDs and watch them regularly, there still may some who do not know that I have written three books--all labors of love—continuing the series and featuring all our favorite Dark Shadows characters at Collinwood.

ANGELIQUE’S DESCENT is the story of my character beginning with her childhood in Martinique and the betrayal after her love affair with Barnabas. THE SALEM BRANCH tells the story of Angelique’s earliest incarnation as a witch during the Salem Witch trials and Barnabas’s difficulties with becoming human. WOLF MOON RISING follows Quentin in his struggle with the werewolf curse and young David’s infatuation with Jacqueline, the newest reincarnation of Angelique..

I still have a few boxes of books in my garage that I would rather see out in the world on other people’s shelves for Christmas. At the risk of seeming obnoxiously self-promoting I am offering these books, signed and dedicated to any name you chose, at a discounted price. If you buy all three books, the third book is only $5. 

Go to Autographs. You can order instantly with the Pay Pal Buttons or write to me at my P.O. Box. Happy Holidays!

Those of you who have read these stories will be happy to know that Vicki’s story THE HEIRESS OF COLLINWOOD is now with the publisher. To be released soon!